How To Use Inversion Table Therapy – Guide & Tutorial (2018)

The how to use inversion table therapy is intended to address the back pain in a very efficient way.
showing how you do exercise stretching back on inversion tableIf you are suffering from back pain, you can go through various kinds of stretching exercises, also read more on best inversion tables with reviews.

Watch the video on how to use the inversion table:

Some people will go for medication as per the prescription is given by your doctor. There are risks and side effects associated with the medication.

If you can overcome the condition without surgery or medication, it provides great relief.

To undergo the therapy, you should want to go for the right kinds of equipment.


What is this product?

This equipment is intended to give form support while performing this exercise. It should be made with solid material and there should be scope for adjustment as well.

You will get best results when you choose a reliable brand and safe equipment. Injuries can be prevented by using the standard equipment.

The plank and the stand should support your full body weight. The table should be made with high carbon steel. There is greater risk to your health when you depend upon an product that is made by using cheap plastic, worth noting as you don’t wanna fall down. 

There are static as well as foldable frames. You can go for foldable frames so it provides the storage space is gonna be less. The frame size, height and weight are recommended as per the user requirements.

The clamps provided on the equipment can be adjusted as per your needs. The adjustment is required as the feet size varies from one person to another person.

There are thick or thin back pads. If you go for thick pads, it will provide a great comfort. There are some pads which will help you take rest in face down and face up position. If you can use removable pads, you will be able to do various kinds of exercises very easily.

If you go for an economy model, it is possible to rotate the bed as per your needs. The premium models comes with a switch so it provides the equipment can be moved up and down very quickly.

The exercise on this can be done gradually and not go full way just yet, just do it step by step until you feel comfortable and what level you wan’t. If there are controllable degrees, you will be able to invert at 30 degrees as well.

What are the benefits of using one?

With these, you should be used on daily basis or how often you feel like so it provides you can see some great change in the condition. As you do back exercises with the help of this tool on daily basis, there are great change in the health condition. You can overcome from the back pain in the shortest period.

Doing this exercise delivers health benefits in a very efficient way. The impact of gravity on the spine is corrected when you are in the upside down position. The weight of the spinal disc will be diverted and the nerve endings will not go through the compression. There are scope to build space between the vertebrae.

As per the observation of health professionals, the blood pressure around the eyes will increase when you are in the upside down condition. It can raise in pulse as well. People suffering from certain kinds of health defects should not go for these practices. You should consult your physician if you have any health history that might not encourage you to go for these exercises.

Why you might need one?

You should need one so that you will be able to benefit from the positive outcomes it can give such as back pain relief, improved blood circulation and more. There are budget as well as premium products which should be brought as per your needs. You can place an online order so it provides the product gets delivered at your doorsteps without any issues. You can read more about finding one that suits you here or on the homepage

The following parameters should be followed while shopping for one:

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Storage space
  • Budget

When you are hanging upside down, there should be firm support to your body. There should be sufficient support from the ankle support and handles on the sides so it provides you will not fall down. You should find a table that assures your safety. If you are not confident with the existing table, you should go for a new one. The advice of experts can be taken so that you will settle for the best product.

The quality of parts will have a great impact on the performance of the table. The frame, pins, swivel parts and straps should be held in right position so that you are able to make the most of your investment. The ankles should be locked safely in position. If foam padding is not provided to support ankles, you will want to purchase heavy socks while using the table.

You can go through various versions before placing an order. There are comfortable as well as lightweight tables which can be selected as per your body weight and height. The reputation of the manufacturer will also influence your decision for how to use inversion table therapy.

Great comfort

The ankle restraint system should enhance the comfort level. You should be able to use the product while performing various kinds of exercises. If you go for a non-padded table, you can do abdominal exercises as well. Some of the equipment plank are provided with nylon padding. The type of padding and thickness is a personal choice.

Availability of space

If you do not have sufficient space at home, you should go for a space-saving design. The space occupied by the table when it is spread completely should be noted down. If there is sufficient room in spite of the arrangement of the equipment, you are able to go for the product without any issues.

How do you use these?

The blood circulation will improve by implementing this routine in your life. If there is any waste accumulated at the affected parts, the waste will be removed through the improved blood circulation. The oscillation traction will work when you lie on the plank in upright position.

With the product it should come with quality support materials so that it can be used for your needs without any issues. The support information should include the assembly instructions as per your needs. The equipment should be setup properly so it will work for optimum health benefits and safely. You should be aware of the warranty offered on the product as well.

If you go for a premium brand or product, it got a number of safety features. The little time that you spend in upright position will correct the inherent spinal issue and and can be great relief from back pain.

How long to use inversion table is around two minutes if you are experienced, for beginners don’t go full down only a partial inversion and not for so long. And as always have someone with you in case of assistance.

History and popularity of it

Even though the name was first mentioned during 400 BC, the popularity of therapy increased from 1980’s. There are reversible tables and various kinds of frames are available in the market. The most appropriate plank and frame can be selected as per your needs so that it provides to your satisfaction.

The protruding discs can be treated in a very efficient manner by using the equipment. The weight on the vertebrae will diminish through exercising the activity and the spinal decompression will take place. There are sufficient space for the lubricating material when the plates are pulled apart.

If you are suffering from sciatica, you may experience relief from spinal decompression. The weight on the sciatica nerve will decrease and there is possibility to get relief from pain and the nerve will recover very quickly. As a matter of fact, the sciatica nerve is the most important nerve which runs across the body.

As you go for doing these practices, you it can help depression in the best possible way. How to use inversion table therapy method is followed by professionals and athletes so that it will give great enhancement of strength and balance. You will get relief from pain very easily.

People suffering from mental decline or chronic pain can undergo the procedure as per the guidance of an expert so that and may see some great change in your health. When you follow the instructions on a regular basis, it can provide long-term health benefits.

Rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit

Through doing these routines, it’s rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit. If you are suffering from extremely severe pain, you should go for one of these inverted chair equipment as per the advice of your physician. The pressure on the soft issue will be reduced by undergoing the therapy.

If there harmful compounds in joints, they will be flushed out very easily. The immune system are stimulated through the circulation of the lymphatic fluid. The ligament strength will be enhanced and it is possible to prevent joint injury as well.

The blood circulation are very much enhanced through the alleviation of varicose veins. The organ health as well as muscle strength is very much enhanced through the improved circulation in blood and will supply of fresh oxygen throughout the body. As per the research, it is found that it can provide great benefit to the brain as well.

Addresses the brain’s aging process

When you go through the therapy the brain’s aging process are addressed in a very efficient manner. As the blood circulation improves, the depression can ease and be removed. The brain cells will be oxygenated in a very efficient manner.

With the increase in blood flow, it’s gonna increase in the availability of oxygen and glucose as well. If there is poor blood pressure coupled with hardening of arteries, it will lead to oxygen deprivation. The condition can be corrected with the supply of blood with these equipments.

You can overcome these risk factors by undergoing the therapy in a systematic way. The condition that leads to dementia will also be arrested in this process.

What are the options for this?

There are four general options for doing these activities properly. Through the yoga-based postures, you will ensure increased blood supply to the brain. Gravity boots are worn around the ankles and they are hooked to the horizontal bar so that you will be able to hang upside down very easily.

The lower torso can be inverted through the yoga sling. By using one of these products, you will stand up vertically and you will rotate backward. When you are a beginner there can be difficult to get adjusted with headstands and gravity stools. However, you are able to do various kinds of exercises very easily with the help of this tool as it gives great support.

Even though a good quality brand is expensive, there will not be any health issues by using it as per the instructions given by the manufacturer.

A good choice

You should do your research to figure out which one suits you so it provides for you to be able to perform various kinds of exercises in a very efficient manner. The table should be made with quality material so that it can withstand your needs in the best possible way.

The effect of gravity can be reversed with the help of of laying upside down. The impact of gravitational force will have negative impact on your health. The benefits that you derive through these exercises far exceed any kind of therapy.

There will be great reduction in back pain by following these exercises on daily basis, as there are pros and cons and warnings always read instructions and have a company before doing any procedure just to have someone to help you just in case for safety reasons as backup. The pressure on the spinal column is reduced through the practice. It gives great scope for the relaxation of back muscles. The discs are rehydrated and you can make the most of your effort.

You should adjust to the hanging position so that the pressure on joints is reduced. There are some people who experience the same feeling as that of how to use inversion table therapy. Thus, your body and mind are at ease with the implementation of this movement.

There will be great improvement in brain function, focus and balance by following the therapy. The leg and core strength will improve. The joint health will be promoted with the help of inverted table. Patients will experience better flexibility in core and hips.

If you are not under medication, then the exercises can be implemented after consulting your physician so that it can benefit great change in your health. 

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