11 Best Inversion Table Reviews: Do NOT Buy Before Reading This [2021]

best inversion tables Innova ITM4800

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These wonderful Inversion tables have quickly become popular to help reduce back pain and stretch your whole body.

And this is the winner of best inversion table 2018:

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Doing these therapies is becoming popular these days among people with chronic back pain, disc slips, and other spinal ailments, considering one of these best inversion tables is a great start.

best inversion table
A Low Back Pain Statistics from moveforwardpt

Using this equipment is one of the greatest ways to carry out this therapy, and it helps you to remain suspended from your ankles while undergoing the traction methodology.

Lets’ get right into my list of the favorite inversion tables, you can consider one of the following four options some the top ones, as they are deemed to be trusted brand leaders in this field.

Best inversion tables Reviews 2018

Teeter EP-960 Ltd with Back Pain Reliever Kit best inversion table

best inversion tables
number one choice for best inversion tables


First, up for the top pick are the teeter hang ups.

This is one of the most ergonomically designed in the market today.

It includes padded cushions and other high-quality features that ensure that you feel comfortable when you’re suspended.

It’s hard not to mention teeter hangs ups inversion table since it’s such a strong brand in this category.

They are easy to assemble and are designed in such a way so that you can immense relief from serious back and spinal issues.

Listed below are some of the features, pros, and cons of this model so that you can take a call about investing in it or not.

This one is well deserved here on inversion table reviews hang ups from Innova and got a great ankle cushioning support.

Here’s a good video on how it works and how to use one:


  • Underwriter Laboratories (UL) certified medical device, which is a type of spinal traction equipment to help you get rid of various ailments like sciatica, muscular tensions, issues related to discs and more
  • Includes a high –quality safety parts like auto-locked hinges, locks, and bearings for your equipment as a safety feature.best inversion tables for stretching back pain
  • Highly durable parts made from heat-treated steel
  • Includes 5-year warranty provided by the manufacturer, great feature for an inversion table.
  • Comes with EZ Ankle Reach System, which provides an elongated handle, so there no need that you have to bend too much while securing your ankles
  • Including comfortable, safe, adjustable and flexible foot platforms so that your legs fit perfectly
  • Stretch-Max and Traction Handles that come with grip & stretch system
  • Also got a contoured bed to provide ultra- comfort, and pain-relief for your body
  • Four AcuPressure Nodes ensure that your muscles get the desired amount of pressure to get rid of pain
  • Equipped with Lumbar Bridge and Neck Arch to give more comfort for the lower back portion
  • Can be rotated at 20, 40 and 60 degrees for more flexibility
  • Includes a five-step simple assembly process that takes just about ten minutes.
  • Carry out advanced exercises without any fear because this product got useful a secure lockout system


  • Adjustable height and comfort features to provide full safety to your body
  • Ships also with a DVD that has a list of clear instructions
  • Customized guidance provided on a case by case basis
  • Ergonomic design and highly durable product, great fit for everyone.


  • Some people with ruptured discs found this chair difficult to use
  • In some cases, the locking mechanism didn’t work that well

Really great product from teeter inversion tables ✅

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Innova ITM4800 best inversion table Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Feature

best inversion tables Innova ITM4800
Number 2 is best inversion tables Innova ITM4800


Next up for inversion tables are this is one of the more advanced for a good reason, that is designed to provide you great overall comfort and is an excellent choice.

This device is a great one for sale and is padded well to give you a cushion-like effect and included is a host of manual controls and adjustments that you can choose as per your convenience, also see back pain infographic.

The heat and vibration that comes out from this device give you instant relief from acute pain in the back and other chronic spinal ailments.

Well worth a spot on my favorite list also found on sale Costco, this is a good choice in my opinion with disc and not much risk it’s because of its safety features.


  • Comes with an adjustable lumbar pad which gives you the exact amount of vibration and heat massages relief and relieves the spine that you need.
  • Exhaustive list of manual and automatic controls to give you customized massages as per your requirement
  • Backrest made up of high-energy foam materials to give you ultimate relaxation when you relax on the cushion.
  • Head pillow is padded to give you cushion-effect; you may remove this if you want more space to relax your body on this plank.
  • Handles are made from foam and come with soft-touch technology, thereby giving you more grip and control while using the settings
  • High degree of safety when your body is in an inverted position, thanks to the latest and sophisticated, four-position safety pin that gives more flexibility for your body
  • Can accommodate up to 300lbs of weight and is suitable for people who are in the height range of 4’10” to 6’6”
  • Includes a one-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Designed to provide full safety for your ankles, thanks to the sophisticated ankle/heel cups
  • Easily foldable and therefore very easy to store
  • Assured durability, as the parts of this table, are made from heavy duty steel


  • High degree of safety and comfort in all the positions
  • Very safe, comfortable and easy to use. A good sign of the good product.
  • Freedom to choose the degree of heat and vibration treatments
  • Quite advanced and makes use of latest technology
  • Can be set at 120 degrees, 140 degrees, 160 degrees and 180 degrees
  • It got a substantial padding and secure locks to give you great comfort while using it
  • Instant relief from severe spinal issues like cervical stenosis, herniated discs and the like


  • In some cases, the balance was not right
  • In few cases,  certain spare parts started to wear off within a short usage
  • Not as sturdy as expected

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Exerpeutic Comfort Foam best inversion table Backrest

teeter hang ups review
#3 best inversion tables is Exerpeutic


These inversion tables hang ups innova instruments help you to get instant relief from back stress and strain.

They provide more traction to the spinal areas and contribute to improving the blood circulation here so that you get immediate relief from chronic and acute back pain.

The Exerpeutic brand fits good for my favorite lists and is one of the most durable, advanced, comfortable and practical for an affordable price in this market today.

Like the models mentioned above, you need to use it just for about five to ten minutes every day to see immediate results. It’s a great equipment for Stretching and Back problem pain relief.

This deserves a spot to be included in my top rating best inversion tables list.


  • Very stylish and durable design, as it made from 1.5-inch heavy-duty steel frame
  • Powder-coated sophisticated design ensures that the equipment is resistant to scratches and wear & tear
  • Backrest made from vinyl cover and 0.75 inches of smooth foam, to provide you ultimate comfort while you’re in a suspended position
  • Extra- long handles covered with full loop foam, thereby enabling better grip and control while using the medical device for the back stretcher device.
  • Excellent ankle-locking system, thanks to the foam roller and cushions provided in these areas to protect your ankles well
  • Can accommodate people in the height range between 4’10” and 6’6”
  • Possible to insert up to 180 degrees securely, thanks to the adjustable strap
  • Occupies very little space and it can be easily folded when not in use, huge plus for the best inversion tables.
  • Can accommodate up to 300lbs of weight
  • Comes with easy to assemble tools and the entire assembly process takes just a few minutes, another sign for best inversion tables.


  • Very high-quality padding, which guarantees you extra comfort and durability while using it
  • Clear-cut manual with easy to follow instructions
  • Height adjustments and ankle width settings can be easily customized as per your requirements quite easily
  • Very sturdy and is not susceptible to the usual wear and tear that is common in most medical equipment
  • Great relief from chronic back trouble within a few days of usage, another plus why it’s in the top rated best inversion tables reviews.


  • Doesn’t have auto lockout facility
  • Suitable only for beginners or for those who want to try out for the inverter chair for the first time.
  • In some cases, the assembly tool kit was missing, making it difficult for the users to get this device started

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Health Gear best inversion tables Advanced Technology with Vibro Massage & Heat

best inversion tables
Best inversion tables for budget choice.


Next, up on the list which are big in the industry of health devices, Health Gear is a name to reckon with.

They are known to manufacture high-quality tables that have qualified all tests and certifications.

The Advanced Technology with Vibro Massage & Heat is no exception to this rule.

This one, as the name indicates, is one of the most advanced devices in the market, if you want to start doing these exercises to get rid of your chronic back pain and spinal pain.

It’s useful for Posture and Decompression so an another good option for my list, and it comes with a red color too.


  • Two-way pain relief system; got a mechanism & heat massage therapy so you can enjoy as you can relax your heads against a headrest made from 3-inch premium quality of foam
  • Comes with four, high-density, extra-large foam rollers that can be adjusted as per your convenience and requirement, thereby ensuring that your legs are securely protected when you’re suspended
  • Deluxe Heat & Massage Pad (removable) that comes with 3 rejuvenating massage settings with heat treatment; ensure that you try this out for about ten minutes before starting off your exercise
  • Portable Massage Pad can be used as a standalone unit as well at any place so if you want to get heat treatments with vibration therapy to get some relief from your back
  • Massage Pad can be controlled with a Hand Controller that has multiple functions to suit your needs; you can customize settings like temperature, time and level of massage with the help of this controller
  • Comes with a 3 position side-Pin, thereby enabling the plank compatible with conversions at 20degrees, 40 degrees, 60degrees, and 90degrees
  • Can accommodate maximum weight of 300lbs
  • Suitable for people in the height range of 5’1” to 6’5”
  • This one has a Fold & Roll Design; therefore, it doesn’t occupy too much of space in your home; It is easily portable as well to when you want to move it around. A great plus sign for my top picks.


  • Central rotation bar ensures full safety of the table while you’re in the suspended position
  • High-foam and high-density rollers ensure that your legs are well protected while locking them in their respective positions
  • Highly durable as it made from sturdy parts
  • Very easy to assemble and use
  • Instant relief of pressure from herniated discs and other chronic spinal ailments
  • Multi-functional massage pad that helps you get instant relief from mental and physical stress


  • In some cases, users felt that the table bent when people close to the maximum weight limit (300lbs) used it
  • When you fold this together, it doesn’t get as small and storable as you expect
  • Massage Pad’s Controller is not very easy to use as many users found it complicated

The benefits are great on this, overall great product for my top pick  and are available below:

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The above mentioned four products are some of the leading brand names in this niche today, they have experience in these products and are well known in the industry.

That’s why they are worth the mention in the best inversion tables reviews list.

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I also did a ironman gravity 4000 inversion table review which you can read more about on this page.

Other brands worth mentioning are body champ it8070 inversion therapy table and health mark pro max inversion table,

There is also more brand like health mark pro chair which I haven’t mentioned here yet.

Do inversion tables work?

Yes for some it can. But it depends, it can provide temporary back pain relief or just to use for stretching.

It’s recommended to contact a doctor or chiropractor to let you know if it can help you.

What are some best inversion table risks?

Some risks are that you can fall if you didn’t strap your ankles in properly, or get stuck while upside down.

It’s also recommended to have a person with you if that would occur. Source: you can read more about inversion table risks here.

However, you should remember that these exercises might not suit everyone.

Your doctor or chiropractor would be the suitable person to decide if you can qualify for this treatment.

Once you get his/her approval, you should then choose the table that suits your requirement. So that is crucial to be eligible for top rated best inversion tables.

Who shouldn’t use best inversion tables?

  • Pregnant Women
  • People suffering from eye ailments like glaucoma
  • Individuals who are already suffering from cardiac diseases and blood pressure

If you fall under one of the above categories, you’re more prone to injuries and fatal accidents that can occur on when using it (if not set correctly) than the other users.

Always check with your doctor if you can go ahead with this therapy even if you fall into these categories. Proceed only if you are given the go-ahead for the same.

Important points to note when you use best inversion table for the first time

When you’re using your table, you will be hanging upside down with your ankles, feet, legs, arms, and head in a tightly secured position from the equipment.

Also, it’s a recommended to have a person with you when you doing exercises, especially for beginners in case you have some problems, and they can quickly help you and reduce risks.

Irrespective of how safe your equipment is, always ensure that you have a helper standing next to you when you are on the table.

This is very important because there should be someone nearby if you are caught in an emergency. Safety is always first.

Since you are doing it for the first time, you might feel nauseous and highly fatigued when you get down after your exercise.

Be informed that these are quite natural as you are defying gravity when you are suspended upside down on these tables.

All the products mentioned above are made using high-quality spare parts and sophisticated technology.

Therefore, you can be assured of immense relief from acute back pain within a few days of using these for about 10 minutes daily.

So these were my some of my top choices for inversion tables, and I hope you found something useful of these buying guides for sale.

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In this Ironman gravity 400 inversion table review, I will talk about its design, safety features, how it might help for your back pain and more. Have a read, and this one might be the one that suits you.

IRONMAN Gravity 4000 best Inversion tables review

best inversion tables reviews
Best inversion tables the newcomer.


The Gravity 4000 sports an ergonomic backrest.

Built of memory foam, the super-comfortable nylon backrest offers ultimate ease of operation. It also comes with a detachable lumbar pillow for lower back support.

The safety handles are designed a little longer than other machines. With no-slip rubber stabilizers, you can be sure that this machine will not fidget around when you’re using it.

Is Ironman Gravity best inversion table a good choice?

Designed to cater to users up to a height of 6.6 feet, the Ironman Gravity 4000 is capable of sustaining a weight of 350 pounds, the highest in its class.

The tubular steel chassis measures about 26X65X49 inches and can be folded into a compact form to facilitate easier storage.


The Ironman Gravity 4000 sports long safety handles with a superior grip for smooth gliding and support. Its patented vinyl covers add to this machine’s safety feature.

The long handles also make it easier to return back to the upright position.


The Ironman Gravity 4000 can be inclined to up to 180º and is one of the top working product tools for back pain.

The T-Pull pin system gives you the convenience to shift to different inclinations with a simple pin mechanism.

Since most of the body load is effected on the ankles during usage, Ironman has incorporated their patented ratchet ankle support system in the Gravity 4000.
The ankle braces are designed ergonomically for comfortable foot support.

With a ‘palm activated’ mechanism, the Gravity 4000 promises to offer you with the most superior experience you have ever felt.
The powder finished backrest with lumbar support makes for efficient and convenient gliding to different angles for optimum back stretch.

This is a really solid good one

Check current price here!

What Makes a best Inversion Table

using a inversion table upside down
best inversion table for back pain with reviews to buy

For years, it was believed that a surgical operation was the only way to treat chronic back pain or herniated disc rupture.
Though it does relieve the excruciating pain that accompanies a vertebrae problem, it’s majorly a farce.

While the pain might be diminished by a large extent providing you with a much-needed relief, the recovery time is frustratingly long, and in most cases, the pain finds its way back.

These equipment are a technological marvel of this age.

A simple, yet highly effective tool to combat chronic back pain and other vertebrae illnesses, the everyday engineering behind this product takes home-made therapy to great lengths.

The market is flooded with hundreds of designs and brands every year.

You might think that there are hardly any ways that these gear can largely differ from any other brands.

You’re probably right.

But also, wrong.

It is true that designs of these various products might seem a lot similar but as they say, the devil lies in the details, and you get what you pay for.

The equipment provides a range of ergonomic functionalities that almost all sub-standard ones miss out on.

To give you a comprehensive outlook about what makes a one of these the best in its class and what to look out for a while purchasing one, here’s a list of characteristics that great product possesses- So finding a good inverted table is key.

  • What makes an inversion table easy to use?

    While this is what it’s generally designed for, there are a lot of products in the market that offers a restricted degree of movement when it comes to ironman inversion table review capability.

    To extract optimum functionality, the table must be able to invert to varying angles and that too, easily.
    Machines which provide the ability to shift angular constraints while still resting on the machine in its standard position are all the rage in today’s market.

  • Safety-
    This form of physiotherapy demands the body to be inverted to varying angles for maximum back flexibility. In such a case, it is highly necessary for the machine to be built of high strength material to be able to sustain your weight when you’re inverting anywhere from 180º to 270º. Since the upper body will be free to flex and move, the equipment must be efficiently stabilized by foot support. Safety and doing the exercise with someone to help you incase you get stuck or something is always a recommended choice to reduce risk.
  • Adjustability-
    Ergonomic design is generally a pre-requisite for any manufacturer of these. It should be fabricated in a way that it will cater to your body as well as anyone else in your home too. Each person holds a unique Centre of Gravity position and these products must be able to adjust to it(almost all of them do except the very cheap ones might not have it).
  • Even Weight Distribution-
    Since most of the body weight will be impressed upon your ankles while stretching at an upside-down inclination, it is necessary for it to house comfortable and ergonomic ankle braces to evenly distribute the weight and avoid any foot injuries.

If you’re looking for the teeter hang ups inversion table reviews, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Teeter hangs up is one of the most quality brands in this category niche for back pain and such.

Let’s get right into it below.

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 best Inversion tables review

User-focussed Design

The Teeter EP-560 boasts of a signature ComfortTrak backrest.

This bed aims to actuate specific acupuncture points and comes with a separate lumbar bridge.

This can be easily hooked onto the bed for lower back support as the back arches while performing these exercises. It causes deeper decompression for an enhanced back relief experience.

The backrest is contoured such that it flexes depending on your movement while inverting.

The EP-560 also comes with superior grip-enabled hand arms to facilitate better and more dynamic flexing and stretching.
The chassis is built of superior quality, high gauge steel material with patented hinge lock mechanisms, pivoted bearings and auto-locking for a safe and sound therapy experience.


This one from teeter hang ups comes with a precision control system that enables you to glide to different angles with just the weight of your arms.

For conducting stretching exercises in an inclined or vertical position, the system can be locked out completely to defer from any kind of movement.

The adjustable tether not only provides you with a stabilized experience massage exercise through the definite rotational control but also ensures your safety while performing upside down exercises.

The most standout feature of the Teeter EP-560 is its patented wrap-around ankle braces.

Adorned with a specialty foam, the ergonomic ankle support mechanism distributes weight in an even manner around the feet to avoid any ankle strain.

It also provides you with an ankle dial to adjust the foot platform, according to your foot size.

An easy to operate system, this makes the EP-560 capable of catering to persons of different foot sizes as well without any compromise in comfort.


The EP-560 measures almost 20X28.8X66 inches. Its solid build structure can sustain a user weight of about 300 pounds.

The frame can be folded to a more compact form to save space and make storage easier.

Its easy-to-assemble build quality enables you to get the table ready for five small steps.

Most of the machine does come preassembled, but the addition of handles and other attachments can be done in a matter of minutes with the user-friendly manual and DVD provided with the machine.

Teeter has gone a step further in making the EP-560 the best-in-class by extending its health benefits in the form of a technological app which will help you track usage, account for regular exercise sessions and notify you to analyze back pain.

FDA Clearance

Although you can use this exercise for therapeutic benefits yourself without much of technical or medicinal know-how, it is a risky venture if not used correctly.

The Teeter EP-560 has FDA-approval for treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease, Facet Syndrome, Spinal Curvature, etc. and a lab certification for its enhanced durability and operational capability in comparison to other tables in the market.

The inversion table for sale teeter is highly useful to combat severe back pain without the chaos and taxing nature of a surgical operation.

The above three brands are monetarily worth different from each other since the price depends on the design aspects and additional paraphernalia attached. The tables can be used to treat some back problems like sciatica, herniated discs, spinal stenosis and primarily alleviate back spasms and muscle tension.

Though this is a tool for efficient back pain relief, it is advisable to consult a physician or physiotherapist before exercising by yourself on a table.

Any untoward stretches may increase the pain and can end up causing more harm than good.

Besides being used to treat muscle pain and physically debilitating illnesses, while laying slightly upside down can also help improve lung function and clears the sinuses.

The entire purpose of inverting the human body is to lower the head below the heart to combat harmful effects of gravity. This also improves blood circulation and heart function. As a substitute for traditional stretching, you can use these exercises to relieve a tensed spinal membrane and ligament.

With inclined exercises, it can also help improve your digestive function, thereby boosting your immune power. It revitalizes inner organs and also helps reduce stress.

It is synonymous to any Yoga asanas and provides similar health benefits by flexural positioning and stretching of the body. The force of gravity pulls our body down, which over time stresses our vertebrae. The muscle discs between the vertebrae are put under constant tension which results in back pain.

Easy to use, convenient to operate regularly without any major maintenance concerns and super-ergonomic designs make these products from these brands well suited for usage.

This is another good choice

Check current price here!

If you’re looking for the best inversion tables for sciatica then the Innova itx9600 might work out for you, here I will talk about some of its features in this review!

Innova ITX9600 best inversion table Heavy Duty review

The ITX9600 from Innova Health and Fitness is the perfect therapy table for beginners.

Its easy-to-use customer-centric design provides full-scale back therapy.


The ITX9600 sports a 46X26X63-inch all metal chassis. The structure is built of stainless steel and offers a sturdy body, capable of holding your weight safely.

The entire body is delivered in separate components and is required to be assembled once received. It weighs a significant 52 pounds and is, therefore, not conducive to shift from place to place regularly.

If absolutely needed, it is advisable to dis-assemble the entire frame, shift the machine and then re-assemble again. So it’s effortless to move around and doesn’t take up much space.


The ITX9600 comes with a five-pin system for positioning.

It is capable of orientations of five different angles for maximum stretching and back exercise. It is also equipped with a patented protective case for the pin system. The sturdy steel frame is built to sustain a weight of 300 pounds at most. Its unique design and non-slip feet lay a solid foundation for this product.

The legs can also be folded into a compact structure that aids in easy storing and transportation.
The convenient adjusting mechanism caters to a dynamic range of height.

If you are anywhere between 4.10 feet to 6.6 feet, the ITX9600’s height adjusting mechanism will make sure it fits you correctly and with optimum comfort.

Ergonomic Nature

With the ITX9600, Innova has gone back to the drawing board.

Although this product is laden with best-in-class mechanisms for easy and efficient inverting, the company has made sure it caters to everything you would want out of an inverting machine.

The back rest sports a high-quality foam for comfortable resting. It ensures you do not feel uneasy while stretching your body while using the table.

The soft foam is also provided to the headrest pad.

Apart from being super-comfortable, the ITX9600 also allows you to adjust the headrest according to your preference.

Customisation at its best!
The elegantly shaped handlebars also adorn soft foam to facilitate smooth gliding of arms when using the equipment.

The easy-to-use pin system enables you to switch to any position from the given set of orientations possible.

Just return the table back to its standard position, insert the pin into a hole of your choice, and you’re ready to go!

The system ensures a safe best inversion tables for sale teeter with consistent behavior at that exact angle.
What’s more, the ITX9600 also comes with a user-centric ankle support made of hard foam.

Your ankles will be under tremendous tension while inverting to a head down vertical position. The fluid ankle support system ensures comfortable locking to avoid any untoward strain.

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machine that hangs you upside down?

It’s called a inversion table and helps stretch your back to reduce back pain.

So these were the top rated inversion therapy tables, the most favorite ones are from teeter inversion. And also can be good to check weight limitations of your choice inversion tables to buy. You can also relax the back inversion table with used discount inversion tables, but then they can be malfunction and not be so safe.

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